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Sensory Experiences

The leaves are beginning to change color and are falling into your yard. While you might grab a heavier jacket and gloves, it’s the perfect time of year to create opportunities for fun, sensory experiences with leaves! 

Pile Jumping: Make the daunting chore of raking up the yard into a family fun activity by letting your sensory seeker jump into a pile of leaves! Jumping and rolling into a pile of leaves can be a great activity to stimulate their sensory system. 

Sensory Box:

Fill a plastic box with leaves or other fall items like pine cones or acorns. Encourage your child to explore the contents of the box. This activity can help children expand their language skills as they describe the sensory experience, while simultaneously improving fine motor skills as they  manipulate the objects within the box.

Crafts: Use leaves to create a fall masterpiece! Tape the leaves (vein side up) to a flat surface and place paper over it. Rub a crayon, colored pencil, or marker on its side and gently color on the layered paper over the leaf. This activity can improve muscle endurance and help improve overall focus. 

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