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Q: ​What ​is ​ABA?

According ​to ​Baer, ​Wolf, ​and ​Risley ​(1968), ​Applied ​Behavior ​Analysis ​(ABA) ​is the ​process ​of ​systematically ​applying ​interventions ​based ​upon ​the principles ​of ​learning ​theory ​to ​improve ​socially ​significant ​behaviors ​to ​a meaningful ​degree, ​and ​to ​demonstrate ​that ​the ​interventions ​employed ​are responsible ​for ​the ​improvement ​in ​behavior. ​In ​other ​words, ​it ​is ​an ​intense teaching ​method ​that ​we ​use ​to ​teach ​socially ​appropriate ​skills ​to ​your ​child that ​can ​be ​generalized ​and ​maintained ​according ​to ​the ​child's ​highest ​level of ​response.

Q: How many hours of service does my child need? 

Answer: It is highly recommended that each child receives anywhere from 12-40 hours per week of service. However, the number of hours needed varies from child to child. It will ultimately depend on the skills that need to be taught and how quickly the child is able to retain and generalize them. Because ABA is intensive therapy and should be performed consistently, there would need to be a strict schedule in place to ensure that your child gets all that they need to decrease problem behaviors and increase appropriate behaviors.

Q: Is this like school?

Answer: ABA, in a sense, can be compared to school in some ways. For instance, your child will be expected to follow a basic routine and will be taught new skills as they progress. However, ABA is a combination of learning principles that prove to increase appropriate skills (while decreasing inappropriate behaviors) so that the child can function in every day, typical settings.

Q: How can I help with my child’s progress?

Teaching skills and helping the child to maintain them can be difficult. This is why the help of the child’s family is very important. Our therapists will fill out progress reports each session, outlining the day and skills that need to be worked on. In addition, there will be parent training (and observation of services available upon request on either side) in order to display what therapy looks like and how to continue the techniques at home or in other settings.

Q: Does ABA only happen in the center setting?

No. Therapy can take place at the center or in the home setting. In special circumstances, therapy can also occur in the community.

Q: Is ABA expensive?

Unfortunately, these services are very expensive. However, most insurance companies will cover the majority of the costs, leaving families only responsible for co-pays. There are also grants and programs that aide with these costs.

Q: How can I find the nearest ABA company?

There are many different ways to find us. You can ask your diagnosing physician. You can even use the internet to search for ABA Therapy in your area. If you are still unable to locate a facility, you can browse the Easterseals website for guidance. 

Q: ​How ​long ​will ​my ​child ​need ​ABA ​Therapy?

​The ​length ​of ​time ​that ​a ​child ​may ​need ​to ​receive ​therapy ​can ​vary. ​Since each ​child ​has ​their ​own​ ​individualized ​needs ​and ​skills ​to ​work ​on, ​it ​will depend ​on ​how ​quickly ​the ​child ​retains ​the ​skills ​and ​is ​able ​to ​generalize the ​skills ​across ​people, ​settings, ​and ​situations.

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