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All Pieces Fit (APF) strives not only to promote the awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but to also assist these individuals with reaching their maximum potential and achieving their highest level of independence.

In order to achieve these goals, APF offers individualized programming that aims to decrease problem behaviors while increasing appropriate replacement behaviors needed to complete everyday tasks, develop social and communication skills and overall increase skills that are important to everyday life.  In addition, APF will offer family support (and other provider-related support) to better generalize and maximize the essential skills needed to function in typical everyday settings. In addition, families are able to be more involved and actively participate in a child’s success.


We ​provide ​a ​wide ​range ​of ​services ​that ​will ​be continuously ​increasing. Current ​services ​include parent ​training, ​social ​skills ​groups, ​parent ​support
groups, ​and ​ABA ​therapy ​in ​a ​range ​of ​locations. We ​place ​a ​priority ​on ​basing our ​schedule ​around the ​schedule ​of ​your ​family. 

Click the link to see our services. 

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