• Brandi Smith

Securing Your Child's Financial Future

Putting away money for their future

The discussion around finances can be daunting for any family. But a family with a child with special needs requires even more strategic planning. How can I afford the added expenses of raising a child on the spectrum? What can I do now to ensure my child is cared for when I’m gone? Parents caring for a child with autism already face many more expenses today than other parents; from therapy sessions to assistive support. Outside of the support through governmental funding, it’s important for parents to look at alternative private sources/savings for the increasing costs of care. The best way to address it, is to map out a plan that works for you and your family. Looking into all of the resources available and talking through your options with a financial planner is the best way to ensure peace of mind and security for your child’s future.  Here is a short list of options for you to look into:  • Special Needs Trusts  • ABLE Accounts: A Savings Tool for Individuals with Disabilities  • State funding/federal programming  • Local programming Your child depends on you for so much, but keep hope for a future, independent living, college, and other options open by exploring the possibilities today!  Follow All Pieces Fit on Facebook and read more helpful articles at 

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