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Make Family Routines Fun

Parents can become overwhelmed trying to work around therapy sessions and at- home lessons while trying to interject all of the principles and activities suggested by therapist and professionals. Changing from a mindset of “what has to be done” to “make it fun”, can make a world of difference in the home environment. Family-guided routines based intervention (FGRBI) can promote social skills and encourage language development with your child. The repetitive structure in daily routines can become enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your child. Here are a few suggestions on how to add FGRBI into your family’s routines.

1. Introduce new skills in familiar routines – When preparing dinner for your

child you can cultivate language and social skills through simply encouraging your child to ask for the food by pointing, giving a picture or flashcard of food, or by saying the food item instead of just handing them the plate.

2. Add fun to routines – When cleaning up have a “clean up song”. When

gardening have your child say the color of the flowers or ask them “show me the yellow flower” (and encourage pointing). Positive energy of parents and caregivers increases the child’s participation and interest in the task at hand and will also increase language.

3. Using rewards to encourage appropriate behavior – whether it’s putting on

pajamas at bedtime, taking medicine or brushing teeth --- simply praising your child for completing the task without crying or resisting will help with teaching appropriate social skills.

For more tips and ideas for FGRBI, reach out to All Pieces Fit.

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