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Families and Siblings

A parent’s love is no different for a child with ASD verses any of their siblings. But it can sometimes feel like the focus is always on the needs of the child with ASD. Stresses can be put on marriages, finances, work and other relationships. Acknowledging the time and needs of all your children can lessen tensions and relationship challenges if everyone stays informed and involved.  Here are three tips to continue to strengthen the relationships in the home:  1. Sympathize with Siblings – Make a conscious effort to spend quality time with all your children. Schedules can become hectic but you never want siblings to feel abandoned as you care for your child with ASD. Attend sporting events or go to the movies.  Try any activity the sibling(s) enjoy to show them your love and attention.

2. Involve members of your extended family – In your day to day you want to build a network of  support for yourself and your child with ASD. Including extended family will help extend knowledge and information on ASD and provide your family with help when you’re sick or have schedule conflicts with regular caregivers.

3. Find a good church home – having a place of worship helps families handle challenges of autism and provides a safe and inclusive environment for the entire family. 

You’re never alone with the challenges you may face, but nurturing the relationships with your family will only be beneficial to you and your child(ren). For more tips and information on autism, follow All Pieces Fit on Facebook and read more articles at:

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