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Here ​at ​APF, ​we ​take ​pride ​in​ ​providing ​a ​positive ​environment. ​We ​strive ​to create ​a ​place ​where ​growth, ​progress, ​and productivity ​are ​valued ​among both ​staff ​and ​families. ​We ​aim ​to ​utilize ​the ​most ​effective ​means ​of treatment ​to ​ensure ​that ​our ​families ​are ​receiving ​quality ​services. ​We provide ​in-home, ​center ​and ​community-based ​services ​along ​with ​flexible hours ​to ​accommodate ​all ​of ​our ​families’ ​needs ​and ​to ​provide ​the ​best learning ​environment ​for ​your ​child. We also accept most forms of payment including Medicaid, private insurance, and out-of pocket payments. 

Autism Facts

There are many misconceptions about autism.

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Unsure where to start?  It can be difficult to know where to begin

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How We Can Help

We provided 1:1 ABA Therapy services to your child to build upon already learned skills along with increasing appropriate behavior while decreasing problem behavior.


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Want to make a difference?
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